Welcome To The Tribe

Goat Films was founded by Mel Crawford at her kitchen table in Autumn 2020. The name came from Mel’s love for the animals and the fact that Goats are stubborn and creative survivors, qualities they have in common with most TV producers. (The fact that it is also an acronym for, greatest of all time, is entirely coincidental). Mel was joined by four founding partners – Ivor Baddiel, Rob Gillies and Stephen Parnell who are her creative, visionary and sometimes, emotional, support in all Goat Film’s adventures.

Goat’s primary purpose is to disrupt the industry whilst nurturing and developing our network of creatives, freelancers, free thinkers and development geniuses, actively supporting them in bringing their ideas and ambitions to life. Goat Film wants to bring joy – we want to bring joy to audiences through our shows – and being a joyful and supportive place to work. Our kindness policy and spotlight on staff wellbeing have been in place since the company started, which has made our teams happier.

We make TV with love.

We have chosen not to conform to the current restraining and siloed standards that are usually placed on the ownership and equity of intellectual property. The industry must do better in its resolve to promote change and transparency from within. We are here to shake up the system. We want to be different, bolder and kinder in our approach to how we work.

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