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We welcome outside submissions at Goat. Before you send us any original IP, please send an introductory email to, and one of the team will be in touch to let you know how to submit your idea.


Goat Films is on the lookout for talented writers, new and established.

In search of strong scripts, we are offering professional script coverage at a rate of £150+vat per script read (please see Terms and Conditions).  All scripts will be read and assessed by our brilliant editorial team who will then provide you with a complete report.

We are looking for fresh and original comedy and comedy-drama scripts to add to our development slate. If they meet our long-term goals, Goat Films will approach the writer about a potential option agreement so that together we can work towards getting as many brilliant scripts in development with broadcasters as possible.

We look forward to building a strong working relationship with you and getting your script on screen. Just make us laugh!

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(.doc, .docx, .pdf | 2MB max.)

You must agree to the Terms & Conditions.

What are we offering as a service – script coverage by an experienced objective reader who will complete a report to be sent to buyer with the agreed timeframe outlined below.

  • Any potential option of a script (if Goat Films express interest) will be discussed as a separate matter following the completion of the above contract
  • Each report should be treated as a one-off contract, including for additional drafts – revisions are to be considered as a new submission

What does the report template consist of:

Assessment of concept, plot, characters, structure, pace, tone and dialogue along with a logline and synopsis generated based on read.

Submissions should be:


We are only looking to accept television scripts of a comedy, comedy-drama or drama nature – we will not accept submissions for feature screenplays, shorts, or theatre.
Submissions should be written in English and must adhere to standard screenplay formatting and submitted as a PDF document.

How to submit – via website submission portal.

  • Payment (only applicable to script coverage) must be made along with submission for coverage period to begin – scripts must be formatted correctly and sent as a PDF file.
  • An e-mail address will be required when submitting materials and making payment, to be sent a confirmation of the transaction.
  • Your script will not be submitted successfully without payment being made.
  • Once submitted revised scripts cannot be sent in place of submitted scripts
  • Once submitted, the buyer will receive a confirmation of payment and submission along with a copy of the terms and conditions via e-mail
  • Once submitted, we accept that payment has been made and the script will be assigned to a reader, therefor the transaction cannot be reversed.


Script Coverage is charged at £150 + VAT for 30 pages. Additional pages are charged at £5 per page + VAT.

Script Page Count – We consider a comedy script to be about 30 pages, comedy drama 30 – 45 pages and a drama script to be 60 -70 pages.

Turn-around time 20 working days – this is our aim, but you must agree that this cannot be a guarantee.

Compliant /dispute /Follow Up policy – receiving feedback is a sensitive process and we endeavour to provide feedback in a constructive and professional manner and as such we expect clients to behave in a professional manner and we reserve the right to stop working with anyone behaving in an offensive or abusive manner.

If you wish to follow up with us, please do so within no more than five working days of sending the script. Contact information can be found on our webpage.

Options Policy

We may decide that we would like to option your script and if so our business affairs team will be in contact with you to document the option.

Intellectual Property

The copyright of your work is automatically yours and remains yours at all times with exception to an agreement to option your script. In this circumstance, please refer to the previous point on our Options Policy.

Plagiarism Policy

You acknowledge that any scripts submitted to Goat Films are original works by you the writer and that Goat Films hold no responsibility should you submit a script under falsehoods of any kind.

Scripts we may already be developing

You accept that Goat may already have in possession other scripts which are similar to yours ( or may be sent scripts after the submission of your script) and therefore may be in the process of reviewing those scripts and/or optioning them. You accept that circumstance and Goat shall have no liability to you for reviewing, optioning and developing ideas which are similar to yours.


We agree to treat any submitted scripts and treatments with the strictest confidence and that any materials and reports will only be shared with the buyer and relevant Goat Film staff.

Property of Script Reports

You agree to use the report delivered to you for private consultation and educational purposes only. The report itself is property and copyright of Goat Films Ltd.

Data Policy + GDPR

Goat has a General Data Protection Policy in place.

Total £150.00

On Submission, you will be redirected to PayPal

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